“Dange fleet”, meeting of historical ships, Klaipeda (Lithuania)


Hill of crosses,Šiauliai (Lithuania)

The monument of 1863 battle near Gudiškis village (Lithuania)

The monument of the 1863 battle in Stryki forest

Ambrotype documentary portrait

Portraits I’ve done during Orthodox holy day in Kuraszewo.

Kuraszewo, behind the lens

I wish to thank Jerzy Plewa for backstage photographs.

Orthodox holy day (2) Kuraszewo

18x24cm Ambrotype  

Historical tent

The important part of my preparation to cover the reconstruction of the  XIX century battle was using a replica of historic tent. There is small black tent inside (on the right), which I… Continue reading

“XIX century battle”

Althought the battle, which reconstruction I photographed is older  then the photography itself (about forty years then collodion process), I hope that the aura of the pictures is close to some photographs from… Continue reading

Dawn at Nurzec river