framed weddings ambrotypes



Lost souls

It’s the starting point of the project focused on  small towns history, which golden era was some hundreds years ago. Polish Tykocin is one of them.

Kinga (18x24cm ambrotypes)


Under sails

Tribute to Gustave Le Gray


Sailing with a darkroom

The Norwegian vessel SJ Caroline of Sandnes was built in 1885. The captain’s portrait taken during the trip in ambrotype way. The darkroom’s construction was based on aluminium case and gave strange look… Continue reading

Sailing twins

Swedish Gratitude with her sister.

The Swedish Ship Götheborg

Some old ladies could remember the time before the photography was invented, Althought the ship is a replica Götheborg is the largest operational wooden sailing vessel.  Her rigging is amazing ang gives an… Continue reading

Tall Ships Races, Riga on digital

some backstage photos documenting working with old cameras during meeting of sailing ships  in Riga. My co-photographer Emil, beautiful wooden camera made by himself. Emil with Mentor 13x18cm camera Our full team: Emil,… Continue reading