Framing quarter-plate

  Another attempt to historical framing ambrotypes. Velvet (synthetic) fabric on a wooden box; Copper cover over 9x12cm glass. Advertisements

wooden bridge’s structure

Wooden bridge in winter/early spring

On the river bank


Frosty backstage


Orthodox holy day

Gródek, Supraśl river. On the 19th of January Christians orthodox celebrate the babtism of Christ.

Frozen collodion

The last shoot today (- 51F /-11C) , when all my equipment keeping the chemistry warm was failed. And another photo from two years ago, with the marks of snow drops fallen on the… Continue reading

Framed wedding set

The set contains: 18x24xm black glass ambrotype framed in a box, framed  silver gelatin contact print from 18×24 cm collodion negative, and modern DVD.

Jasionówka XIX century stone wall


Snowy trees