winter maritime collodion (making of)


Winter sailing on s/y Zawisza Czarny

s/y Zawisza Czarny is a 36 meter long schooner working as polish scout traing vessel During four day spent on Baltic Sea with temperatures around zero Celsius we met strong winds, and sometims… Continue reading

Dar Młodzieży sailing vessel in the dockyard

Before sailing around the globe in comming 2018, she will spend three months under maintenance her dirt water puryfinng systems.

Tall Ship Races 2017 – Klaipeda

“Trainspoting” in Mazury

The Guard at the Tomb

From  Good Friday evening until Easter morning the fireman volunteers in villages are guarding the symbolic tomb of Christ. Krasnopol near Sejny Kaletnik near Sejny Tykocin near Bialystok

Museum of Industry and Railway in Silesia

20th century railway bridge

Located on the 19th century railway road  during winter and summer morning.  

Lost bridges.

Railway bridges located in north-eastern Poland lead nowhere. Almost 100 years ago they connected Königsberg (now Russian Kalingrad) with the Kingdom of Prussia. The photographs were taken in early April 2015 and November… Continue reading

Sailing on the great vessel

„Dar Młodzieży” the three-masted sail training ship was built in 1982, designed by Zygmunt Choreń. The XXc. fregatta reminds working clippers from two hundreds years before. The ship is 108 meters long and… Continue reading